Ananta, one of the best CSR practicing factories of Bangladesh has adopted contemporary concepts of management systems which ensure a working environment that is socially, environmnetally and ethically compliant for the workforce.

We have developed our operational policies in such a way that brings in positive changes towards implementaiton of CSR goals.

CSR: Business & social welfare at a time

In the recent years the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a leading initiative under taken by numerous corporations and enterprises in Bangladesh. The social responsibility of the corporate bodies especially the RMG sector has been focused by all stakeholders including buyers and the civil society members. Since its inception, the Ananta Garments Limited has been committed to creating a healthy & vibrant working environment for all employees. Ananta is amongst the first few companies in Bangladesh to implement innovative motivation, benefit, safety & training programs to make the workplace an enjoyable and a productive one. Besides devotion to work, a culture of enthusiastic participation in extra curricular activities is clearly evident throughout the company. These programs have generated a sense of goodwill towards fellow employees – in essence of promoting a sense of belonging to the Ananta Family.

Our CSR policy guides us to carry out our mission. CSR is the commitement of Ananta. It’s our responsibility to our workers, neighbors by participating in various activities. Our CSR policy is an integrated part of our overall business policy. We have a separate HR, compliance and welfare team who monitor all facilities daily and submit their report to the authorized persons. If any threat regarding health & safety issue is found, they take necessary action.

Employees at all levels are aware of the company’s CSR policy and activities as we communicate with the workers by awareness meeting, PA systems, through mid label management meeting, daily production meeting, orientation of new recruits, monthly news bulletin etc. We have a separate budget for implementing the CSR activities. We measure the impact of our CSR activities through internal and external evaluation. Ananta believes in profit sharing with its workers for the wellbeing of the community. The company provides all employees with free medical, health, hygiene, emergency financial assistance and educational facilities. Safety programs and routine drills ensure that the facilities remain updated and employees are aware of risks and capable of dealing with emergencies.

CSR activities are carried out in colaboration with:

  1. GIZ
  2. Marrie Stopes Clinic
  3. Mohila Adhidaptar (GOB)
  4. BGMEA
  5. CWCS
  6. CWCH

To reduce occupational health & safety hazards we have taken necessary actions for workers like-awareness on company rules & regulations, abuse & harassment, grievance, drinking Potable water, machinery safety, use of safety equipments, electrical safety, conducting fire drill and evacuation drills etc. We monitor the working conditions in factories of our subcontractors. We carry out internal Audit in the subcontract factories; in that case we follow the buyer’s approved factory for doing the subcontract.

We firmly believe in the success and sustainability in our business. We are fully committed and respectful to our business, social and environmental goals and obligations. We are equally committed to comply with all relevant laws applicable to our company. We are equally committed and respectful to all international instruments in this regard. We will communicate to all our employees about the importance of Environmental Management System (EMS) including waste management. We will Endeavour in improving continually in this regard. Our company’s long term policy is to prevent the environmental pollution wherever practicable. We intend to work with business partners and the key stakeholders and share our knowledge, information and experience in combating environmental issues and make the world a better place to live in.


CSR policy of Ananta

We commit ourselves to the vision of conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Our overall vision and aim is to find the way of successfully balancing our economic activities with the necessary care for our natural environment as well as for human beings that are involved or affected by these economic activities.

We therefore submit ourselves and our business partners in addition to the standards we set for quality, business transactions and the protection of the environment, to the following social standards and requirements.

Social Standards

In accordance with the ILO conventions, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s conventions on children’s rights and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, our social code of conduct aims to attain compliance with internationally accepted social and environmental standards. The following requirements are of particular importance:

Legal Compliance

Our policy is to comply with all applicable national laws and regulations, industry minimum standards, as well as to respect all relevant international instruments including ILO and UN conventions.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

The company recognizes and respects the right of workers for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Workers who wish to lawfully and peacefully associate and organize have full liberty to do so within the company as per local laws and regulations.

Prohibition of Discrimination: Equal Opportunity for all

The company will ensure that there is no discrimination, direct or indirect, against any person on the ground of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sex, sexual, orientation, marital status in any aspect of recruitment and selection.


Wages paid for regular working hours, overtime hours and overtime differentials shall meet or exceed legal minimums and /or industry standards. Illegal or unauthorized deductions from wages shall not be made. The company is fully committed to a pay structure that rewards performance. The company is pledge bound to comply with all relevant regulations and/or local practices in respect of compensation, paid leaves, maternity benefits, as well as other financial benefits.

Working Hours

Overtime hours are to be worked solely on the basis of workers’ free will. The maximum allowable working hours in a week are 48 and the maximum allowable overtime hours in a week are 12. An employee is entitled to at least one free day following six consecutive days worked. The company will not allow any worker to work more than 60 (sixty) hours of work per week including overtime hours, but on an average not more than 56 (fifty six) hours of work per week in a given 12 months time period. The payment of over time work will be made at premiere rates as per local laws.

Working Conditions

Our company must treat all workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy environment and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working conditions. The company shall not use corporal punishment or any other form of physical or psychological coercion.  

Workplace health and safety

A clear set of relation and procedures has been established and followed regarding the occupational heath and safety. Our company is committed to implement and where reasonably practicable, continuously improve effective healthy standards, which should reflect best industry practice. We shall comply with the requirements of appropriate national and international regulations and CoC. Where no regularity control exists; the company must develop and impose its own standards. We shall ensure that potential health and safety risks associated with all the company’s activities are assessed as early as is practicable in order to minimize adverse apex and to identify opportunities for improvement. We will motivate our subcontractors to promote social compliance management in their respective workplace.

Prohibition of child labor

Child labor is forbidden as defined by the ILO and United Nations conventions and/or by National Law. No person irrespective of male or female gender who has not completed 14 years of age are not allowed to recruit and employ of any nature of job. The rights of young workers must be protected ion the company.

Prohibition of forced labor

Our company shall not use any force labor whether in the form of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or otherwise which is prohibited as per law of the land and/or international instruments.

Environmental issues

Our company is firmly committed to comply with all relevant/applicable environmental legislation of Bangladesh Govt. to ensure environmental protection in the process of using raw materials, manufacturing products and discharging wastages, the company shall follow the guidelines and standard methods of various aspects of the environmental conservation and rules of the concerned regulatory bodies.

Management Practice

Our company’s social requirements as defined above shall be incorporated in our company policies. Employees shall be informed about the contents of our code. In order to meet all requirements as set forth in this code and in national Laws, the company shall establish required set of management functions. We would motivate our business partners to demonstrate compliance with this code and National Laws.   


Environmental Policy

We firmly believe in the success and sustainability in our business. We are fully committed and respectful to our business, social and environmental goals and obligations. We are equally committed to comply with all relevant laws applicable to our company. We are equally committed and respectful to all international instruments in this regard. We will communicate to all our employees about the importance of Environmental Management System (EMS) including waste management. We will Endeavour in improving continually in this regard. Our company’s long term policy is to prevent the environmental pollution wherever practicable. We intend to work with business partners and the key stakeholders and share our knowledge, information and experience in combating environmental issues and make the world a better place to live in.

CSR programs in brief

  1. Ananta blood for life-an innovative voluntary blood donation program.
  2. Annual eye & dental camp
  3. Relief aid in natural disasters                       
  4. Tree plantation program
  5. Vaccination for pox
  6. Amrao Pari-an education program for the poor children of the locality
  7. Patronization of merit
  8. Monthly lottery
  9. Eid day’s best dress up prize
  10. Prize bond for new born baby
  11. Tour program for executive level
  12. Outdoor & indoor sports
  13. Celebration of wedding & birthday
  14. Festival gift & greetings for staff of all religions
  15. Distribution of fruits and milk produced in the firms of the factory
  16. Monthly news bulletin
  17. Celebration of Pahela Boishakh-Bangla new year
  18. Observation of 31st December and new year eve
  19. Observation of 26th March-the great independence day and 16th December-the great victory day
  20. Observation of Shahid Buddhijibi Dibash 14th December
  21. New year’s dinner/lunch
  22. Iftar party in the holy Ramadan
  23. Mosque for prayer
  24. Dormitory of the staff
  25. Transport facilities for the workers and staff
  26. Skill development programs
  27. Environmental and eco-friendly activities
  28. Innovative approaches for women empowerment

Details of the CSR programs

1. “Ananta Blood for Life”-an innovative voluntary blood donation program
Ananta Blood for Life established on 25 July 2000 is an organization of a blood donors participated by the management, staff & workers of Ananta Family. The Ananta Blood for Life is going ahead with a great success with the donation of 363 bags of blood till today from Blood Donors of the organization. Donors are motivated and happy to donate blood to a person who needs blood. The committee awards each donor with a Mug and a T-Shirt marked with Ananta Blood for Life monogram to encourage blood donation. Again, every year the organization holds a rally to raise awareness among the community about the importance of blood donation and to encourage other factories to start alike programs. Every month the committee of Ananta Blood for Life arranges a meeting. In this meeting all donors attend & discuss about the benefit & importance of blood donation. They also share feelings about how much they are pleased to donate a bag of blood for a patient. Starting from our voyage in year 2000, in the past years, our workers & staffs did not require any outside help for Blood. We are self sufficient in emergency blood requirement.

2. Annual eye & dental camp
As per the legal requirements of the country, Ananta has established a big medical centre named Shaheed Professor Shamsuddin Ahmed Medical Centre. A medical officer & 3 staff nurse serve there on full time basis so that the employees can receive all time service. This may be just the fulfillment of legal provision but what is extra ordinary is that, the factory arranges eye and dental camp in collaboration with the Lions Club of Dhaka Ananta (LCDA), twice in a year at the factory premise for all staffs & workers.

3. Relief aid in natural disasters
Almost every year Bangladesh is victimized by the natural calamities causing lose of life of thousands of people. The workers of Ananta also become flood victims whether in Dhaka or in their village home. The management of Ananta always took steps to stand beside the affected workers. 15th November, 2007 is a terrific day for the southern regional people of Bangladesh as the cyclone SIDR hit the southern part of the country that night.  Hundreds & thousands of people were killed & became shelterless. At that time, Ananta Management thought of doing something for the SIDR affected people. After the devastating flood, Management gave each affected worker taka 500/-(Hard cash), Potato-2 KGs, Rice-5 Kgs, Dal-1/2 Kgs, Saline-9 packets, Halogen tablet-1 strip, Candle-1 packet, Match-1 Pcs,  etc.

4. Tree plantation
Trees produce oxygen for us to live. But many of us are unaware about the matter & every year a huge portion of the forest reserves of the world is destroyed which is causing serious dangers for human being. The Management of Ananta is fully conscious of the necessity of tree plantation. Every year the Management of Ananta arranges tree plantation & awareness raising program.

5.  Fair price grocery shop
All staff & workers work at the factory about 8-10 hours every day. At the time of working, a worker needs to take light refreshment & everybody gets less time to buy grocery items for home. Managing Director Inam Khan realized the fact and took initiatives to start a fair price grocery shop for all workers & staff. Rice, potato, dal, biscuits, chocolates, cosmetics etc. are available in this shop. This shop is helping our workers to get items in subsidized price and to save their time & money.

6. Vaccination for pox
Every year a good number of people suffer from Small Pox. To keep the workers safe from this disease, every worker is covered under vaccination from the factory. 
This helps workers to have good & healthy life.

7. “Amrao Pari”-an educational program for the poor children of the locality
“Amrao Pari” is a school where only the children who come from poor family are get chance of admission. This school was established in 2007 and is patronized by Ms Kishwar Khan, wife of Managing Director Mr. Inam Khan. All the expenses of this school are borne by Ananta. Books, dresses & breakfast are provided to the students free of costs. About 40 students are studying in this school now. This school is spreading the light of education among the poor children of local community.

8. Patronization of merit: Atik and the Close Up 1: The story of a Slum Star
Ananta is always committed to bring out the hidden talents of the society. It has always provided financial and structural support to the prospective persons in different areas. In line with this effort, the Ananta family put forth its full strength and dedication behind the Close Up-1 star Atik. Atik, who is a worker of Ananta and also a member of Ananta Cultural Club proved his talent in music inside the factory. Then he looked forward to step into the greater field of showbiz, took part in the Close up-1 talent hunt competition arranged by the NTV satellite channel. Amongst thousands of competitors of Close Up-1, Atik succeed to secure 4th position in this mega music star search competition. Today Atik is a star in the country and definitely the Ananta family feels proud to be the patronizer of Atik. 

9. May Day/Rising Star award  for the best workers
For the motivation of the employees, there are various awarding systems in the Ananta. May Day and Rising Star Award are some examples of them. Every year on the 1st of May, Management selects the winners from amongst the workers & staff and rewards them with crest and cash money. This effort is to show respect to the Great May Day & increase competitiveness among the workers.

10. Monthly lottery   
As the workers can’t buy a luxurious item for his/her family due to cost, the Management has taken decision to conduct a lottery program where all the workers & staff can participate. At the end of every month the Lottery is held in the Conference Room in the presence of the participants. The prizes are usually color television, bi-cycle, oven, mobile phone set, electric fan etc. This effort is providing opportunity to improve worker-management relationship. 

11. Eid day’s best dress up prize
On the first office day after every Eid vacation, Management of Ananta, focus camera on workers & Staff who wear special Eid Dresses. After fair selection, Management gives award to the top 3 persons with best dress up. 
It creates a festive atmosphere inside the factory.

12. Prize bond for new born baby:                    
Management distributes prize bond to the proud parents (staff of Ananta). For every male child the father/mother gets 5 prize bonds and for the female child the father/mother gets 6 prize bonds each worth 100 taka.

13. Tour program for mid level management
Mid level management are sent to visit wonderful and historical places as under tour program. This program helps remove monotony of the employees and gives them chance to gather knowledge.

14. Outdoor & indoor sports
To maintain physical fitness of the staff, Ananta has set up a very good table tennis table inside the office premise. Outdoor Sports activities, such as Badminton, Football, Cricket; etc tournaments are arranged time to time for the workers and the staff. Moreover, Carom and Ludu tournaments are held on different occasions for female workers & staff. 

The management of Ananta arranges a lottery, on any sports occasion, like World Cup Football, World Cup Cricket etc. All members of Ananta can take part in the lottery. Lottery prizes are distributed by Ananta Management. We have our own Football & Cricket fields, Different tournaments are arranged every year amongst our different departments. Sports keeps the staff healthy, strong & creates good understanding among all concerns.
15. Celebration of wedding & birthday ceremony
Management takes a step on Marriage and birthday anniversary of all executives of Ananta. All are very happy to join it like a ceremony. In this function, the couples are provided gift from the factory. Good working environment is created by this.

16. Festival gift & greetings
“Eid Gift” is a gift of honor for hardworking and talented executives, presented by Managing Director on every Eid. Maximum workers & staff of Ananta are Muslims but there are also a good number of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists working in this factory. On the eve of 25th December-the Christmas Day, on Buddha Purnima and all big Pujas, the Management greets employees with gifts & congratulatory notes. This promotes inter-communal harmony and friendly relationship among the workers and staff of all community.

17. Distribution of fruits and milk produced in the firms of the factory
The Ananta has a huge land area inside the factory premise. In the open space, Ananta has planted a good number of fruit trees. We also have a dairy firm here. The fruits of these trees and the milk of the farm are distributed among the employees on a regular basis.

18. Monthly news bulletin
All through the month, the employees remain so busy with their own works. Again inside the factory various incidents are taking place every day and workers & staff may not be aware of those. To keep everyone informed and linked, Management established a monthly Factory News Bulletin all factory news, rules & regulations, buyer visit, marriage ceremony, birthday message etc are published.

19. Mug distribution for National ID card holders
“National ID Card” has a great importance but majority workers of are unaware about it. So the Management has declared that if any employee shows his National ID card to HR Department, the Ananta will present him/her an Ananta Mug with company logo. Ananta has also declared that, the job applicants who will be able to show their National ID Cards at the time of recruitment will get preference.
This effort promotes nationalism & encourages workers to make ID card.

20. Celebration of Pahela Baishakh-Bangla New Year
To celebrate the Pahela Boishakh, the factory arranges different programs.  Workers wear colorful sharees and panjabis. The HRD and Welfare Department announce award for the best three workers for good dress up on this occasion. Panta (Watery rice) and Hilsa fish are served for staff in the dinning hall. 
This gives the employees a chance to enjoy together the eve of Bangla New Year in harmonious environment.  

21. Observation of 31st December and New Year eve
Year is a pleasure for everybody. Ananta Management joins with all the executives at Bagan Bari (A Theme Project) to celebrate every New Year on 31st December at 12.00 a.m. by cutting New Year’s Cake.
This creates a joyous atmosphere & gives the passing year a festive farewell. 

22. Observation of 26th March-The Great Independence day, and 16th December-The Great Victory Day  
To show respect to the National heroes and to celebrate the most glorious moment of the nation, staff of Ananta hoist the National Flag at Ananta premise at 12.00 a.m. on 26th March and 16th December. The gathering sings the national anthem of the country- 

“Amar Sonar Bangla
Ami Tomay Bhalobashi”.

23. Observation of Shahid Buddhijibi Dibash on 14th December 
Workers & Staff observe one minute’s silence on 14th December-Shahid Buddijibi Dibash to show their heartiest gratitude to the great Shahid martyrs who had been killed on the 14th December 1971 during the “Muktijuddha”-War of Liberation of Bangladesh.

24.  Annual picnic
Every year Management arranges Annual Picnic in different interesting spots. One year is a long time. Every body feels bored to work restlessly. Every body feels the thirst for a break. To refresh the employees from monotony and gear up their inner spirit Ananta arranges the annual picnic where the Managing Director and the Directors also take part with the Executives. Picnic is an escape from the busy schedules for some moments & it motivates people with fresh zeal.

25. Ananta cultural club
Ananta Cultural Club is a part of Ananta It was established on 1st August 2004. It’s a forum for the employees where they get an opportunity to expand their hidden genius. On every national festival Ananta Cultural Club arranges a big party for the entertainment of the workers. Besides, Management gives special benefits to all the members of the Ananta Cultural Club every month. 

26. Quarterly cultural program                       
The workers of the factory work for 8-10 hours everyday. Management thinks that, workers need to refresh their mind but how? One idea came in the mind of the Managing Director Mr. Khan that, we can arrange a party every week where workers will meet, sing & dance freely. As a result of this vision Ananta the quarterly cultural program is arranged on a regular basis.

27. New year’s dinner/lunch 
On every New Year eve, Management takes steps to give dinner/lunch box to every worker. Workers feel very happy to take the box to their homes and share the event with their family members. The box generally contains Biriani, chicken roast, egg, salad etc.This gives the workers and Management an ample opportunity to welcoming & celebrating the New Year together.

28. Iftar party in the holy Ramadan  
In Ramadan, Management arranges Iftar Party for all staff. All the executives of Ananta family with their Managing Director attend the party with cheerful mind. Everybody prays to the Almighty Allah for the wellbeing and success of the company. 
The party creates religious bond amongst staff.

29. Ananta Karu Pally: An unique idea for the workers
All the workers are really busy for his life leading as they remain inside the factory for the whole day. They get no time to go out side markets to buy their dresses. To favor the workers in this regard, the company has launched a shop where only dresses like T-Shirt, Panjabi, Fatua, Kamiz, Shari etc. are available.The shop is helping the workers to get nice dresses conveniently.

30. Mosque for prayer
Ananta believes in communal harmony and equal opportunity for all. From this stand point, Ananta maintains the heritage of greeting the employees of all religions on their respective festivals. The factory has a HR policy to grant festival leave to the employees on the eve of their respective festivals. For the Muslim employees, Ananta has built a big and specious mosque inside the factory compound and has appointed an Imam for the mosque. 

31.Dormitory of the staff
As the factory is located in quite a long distance from Dhaka city, the factory has established a dormitory for the Executives. The residents can stay in the dorm for free of cost. All recreational facilities are there for the residents.

32. Ananta Ladies Club (ALC)
Ananta Ladies Club is a name of Club where wife of the executives & female staff are members. The club is headed by Ms Kishwar Khan, wife of the Managing Director. Every month, ALC holds a party at the Recreation Bungalow (Bagan Bari) for the members. 
This club generates a congenial atmosphere between the family & office.

33. Transport facilities for the workers and staff
As Ananta is situated far away from the city & residential areas and the employees face a huge problem to come in and go back, Ananta has initiated transport facilities for its employees. Although this facility is not mandatory as per the local law but we have initiated this as a part of our commitment to the welfare of the workers. We have 20 vehicles for the staff and 23 big busses to carry the employees from distant places to the factory. This saves both time and money of the employees.

34. Skill Development Programs
Ananta has undertaken training programs to improve the skills of workers in our factory. We provide trainings on:
•    Mid level management training
•    Quality training & examination
•    First aid training & examination
•    Fire, health & safety training

35. Environmental and Eco-friendly activities
We have installed energy saving lamp where applicable installed Power Factor Improvement Plant (PFI) in our Electrical sub-Station. We have undertaken measures to properly dispose of solid and liquid wastes and effectively recycle.

36. women empowerment
As a part of our management policy, we have incorporated women empowerment into our company activities. In general the RMG sector is lead by the women workers who are about 75% of total workforce. The RMG sector has provided the rural women with boundless opportunities to come out of the dark boundaries and join the industry as working hands. 

Alike the overall scenario of the sector, Ananta has brought excellence in its movements contributing a lot in building a platform for the women which ensures a bright future for them. The innovative idea those have been incorporated for empowering the female workforce and bring them forward to take the lead is quite revolutionary. We can share some instances in this regard:

  • We are proud to have two vital female executives of the company in a very crucial and extraordinary role. The HR director of the company is a female and the HR manager herself is the same. These two women have changed the total environment which typically made us change our belief that “women can’t lead”. Over the last 22 years many other female executives also contributed to make the mission of women empowerment an extraordinary success story.
  • To promote more involvement of female workers in the quality control dept. we have announced higher incentives for the female candidates as QI.
  • Among the garment factories, Ananta is assumed to the first one to have introduced female ironing worker both in sewing and finishing which had typically been under the control of their male co-workers.
  • We have initiated promotion of female operators into supervisors of the production lines after systematic & professional training. Supervisors are the key controllers of the production floors and female workers to be appointed as supervisors may change the whole scenario of the sector positioning women as the leaders. Some Koly, Bulbuly, Jannat or Shahana have broken the long tradition of the sector being the line leaders and driving the male workers even. Along with their own family, they are leading the garment production lines which makes them contribute in the overall social empowerment of the country.
  • To some areas we have relaxed our skill/qualification standards for the candidatures of women which will lead them to come for jobs in increased numbers.
  • For the 1st time we have organized a Women Football Match participated by female workers and staffs.
  • Female Executives are working almost in all departments within the company including, HR, Admin, Commercial, Work-study & Merchandising Dept.

Women empowerment: Success story
Being driven with the sense of social responsibility, we have signed a MoU year 2011 with the Center for Women Studies (CWCS). This organization which works with the distressed women of the society especially the victims of human trafficking and violence will provide skilled & trained workers.  Ananta will absorb these skilled hands into its workforce keeping their shocking profiles absolutely confidential from their co-workers. Under this MoU, till today we have appointed a total of 173 women in different departments of the company. We are very happy that we have been able to provide them as well as ourselves with such an opportunity to serve the society. This action has definitely added value to our continuous movement towards women empowerment. 

Achievement from our innovative steps
We believe, social acknowledgement is the biggest award we could achieve from our acts in the past. The same has enabled us also to get some highly dedicated, motivated workforce. Beside other benefits these activities have helped us in reducing worker unrest, mitigating scarcity of skilled manpower, reducing migration of skilled working force. 

We have a plan to increase the appointment of workforce from CWCS in future and involve them in more value added scopes by providing required training on their respective work area. If our experimental projects of promoting female workers into senior staffs prove to be fruitful continuously, we will expand the area of them in more vital positions.

Ananta in conformity with its inner meaning of infinitive ness has been able to prove its capability and commitment towards the society. Today the Ananta is the name of a forum for the RMG workers, a family to its employees. It’s our pleasure to say, we pay workers a wage that is higher than we are required by law. We encourage dialogue between workers representatives and factory management by Monthly Workers Welfare Committee (WWC) Meeting. A variety of CSR activities of us has turned the factory into a native place of the workers. It’s the outcome of our CSR activities which over the last 16 years have created a passion inside the employees for their workplace so that they feel the organization as their own. The creation of ownership among the workers is the principal achievement that we have gained from our CSR movement. We are endless in our journey towards our final motto- Business and welfare runs together.

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