Humanitarian Aid to South Sudan to help them march forward

CSR activities of Ananta Companies is no longer limited to national boundary. This time around, in an effort to extend its humanitarian aid, it has handed over 700 pcs of garments to Bangladesh Army for the people of South Sudan who are extremely in sorry state and in need of help. Bangladeshi Peacemakers have been in South Sudan for years and this donation indeed much to the delight of them who have been toiling hard to refurbish and restore normalcy.

Managing Director of Ananta Companies Mr. Inamul Haq Khan appreciated the Bangladesh Army for this initiative of making the lives of South Sudan consistent and positive. He said, this is the right doing and can be a good model for others to follow. Major Abdul Bari of the UN peace keeping mission also expressed thanks to Ananta Companies for being part of this great initiative.

This is certainly a huge breakthrough and we all believe that this magnanimous and commendable initiative taken by Ananta Companies will galvanize many to take affairs of this kind into account and provide assistance thereof.

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